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Welcome to the ecosystem of value

We analyze and rate crypto projects from a business perspective, provide value focused advisory services to these projects and enable them to become successful by ensuring appropriate funding and complementary financing partners.

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WHY a valuex ecosystem?

Leveraging the value of the crypto space

We strongly believe that the crypto and blockchain space needs more transparency, new access points, and alignment with existing knowledge and resources.

Thus, we increase the value for all stakeholders x-fold.

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Valuex leverages the value in the crypto space by funding, advising and evaluating projects and businesses.
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VALUEX Capital enables blockchain and crypto companies to activate their growth potential by ensuring appropriate funding and complementary financing partners.
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VALUEX Advisory scales your project into a thriving business and leverages its potential.
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VALUEX Rating provides crypto research and analytics in the form of easy to understand ratings to help identify the most promising projects.

Are you interested in joining our ecosystem as a contributor?

What does the VALUEX ecosystem consist of?

Three business areas to fund, advise and evaluate the crypto space.

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VALUEX Capital enables blockchain and crypto companies to activate their growth potential by ensuring appropriate funding and complementary financing partners.

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VALUEX Advisory delivers strategic conceptions (e.g. Branding, Strategy, Execution), ensures the implementation of these strategies and supports with interim management.

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VALUEX Rating creates transparency in the crypto space: Based on various business criteria projects are evaluated to provide a score summarizing the potential of the project.

How does the Valuex Ecosystem provide value?

Value-add for multiple beneficiaries.

Individuals looking to monitor the market in order to find the most valuable crypto projects

Investors seeking to participate in the crypto market and early stage funding opportunities.

Value Business

Businesses looking for new blockchain-based use cases that match their requirements.

Blockchain projects looking for business potential analytics and value-focused capital and funding.

Your team

Broad professional experience with a crypto heart

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Paul Kruegel

Founder, CEO

Paul is a Crypto Evangelist, Strategic Marketer and Business Developer. He lead global initiatives for brands like Siemens Healthineers, Adidas, Nestlé Schöller, SKY Television, and Deloitte Digital.

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Oliver Schmitt

Founder, CCO

Oliver is a digital pioneer, serial entrepreneur, brand management expert and strategist for corporate clients and institutions like Philips, One, Tele2, AT&S, Bene, SIMMO, Geberit, VAMED and Artemide.

ValueX Matthias Albrecht SmallValueX Matthias Albrecht Crypto Small

Dr. Matthias Albert

Founder, advisor (finance)

Matthias is an equity investor and a recognized expert in the private banking and finance sector. Former Management Board Member of Bank Gutmann.

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Thomas Wilson

Founder, CBDO, Advisor (gamefi)

Thomas is a Sales and Real Estate Business Expert with expertise in Business Management & Development. Into crypto since 2015 and enabling Cryowar to scale its business.

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Najeeb Syed

Data analyst

Najeeb is a Data Analyst with a focus on Business Intelligence and Sales Deliverables. He holds a Master in Business Psychology and Administration and has worked for IBM and Amazon.

Teddy Tran Website scaledTeddy Tran Website Crypto scaled

Teddy Tran

head of sales (vietnam)

Teddy is a self-made entrepreneur and crypto expert, building on the foundation of a respected career as a teacher and educator. He has a keen ability to identify the needs and potential of a project.

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Martin Lippautz

Advisor (Telcom)

Martin is an Expert for Value-Based Management and Business Modeling. He held executive & board positions at Telekom Austria Group, VEON group, Coca Cola and Renault.

Mariyan Boychev SmallMariyan Crypto Small

Mariyan Boychev

Advisor (Gamefi)

Mariyan is the CFO of Cryowar, and also holds extensive knowledge in the Marketing and Blockchain Gaming Realm. An analytical mind that creates sustainable economics for projects.

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Whether you are a crypto enthusiast looking to discuss insights, a crypto project looking for suitable funding, or an investor seeking a blockchain business rating, we look forward to connecting. 

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